Hacking Note of 2015 #1

weekly hack 2015-Mar #2 (1)

From now on, I am going to write down a summary about the things I learnt from my work and private project; I will do this twice a month;

Hacks of the weeks:

  • Analytics of mobile app
  • Building a web based Backend System
  • Making Specification

Analytics of mobile app

Here are the things I am figuring out for this task:

Selection of the products

Options are Google Analytics (GA), MixPanel and Amazon Mobile Analytic;
And finally I choose GA because it has quite a lot feature that meet our needs;

The definition about User and Session

For the definition of user, it is simply number of device sending hit to GA;
But it is still a mystery to me about how GA define “New User” and “Unique User”
For the definition of session, GA define Session base on the hits it received;
The algorithm is told in the following link:
GA also allow users to define session manually based on App open and close

Analytics Metrics and Dimension

Metrics and Dimension are the keys about Analytics in GA (maybe in other tool as well)
To manipulate the analytics and report well, we should study about them well;
Here is reference:

Report Creation

GA provides a function called “Custom Report” for us to create reports that fit our needs;
But to make a good report, we should take a look about Metrics and Dimension first;
Once custom reports are made, we can do further customisation using Shortcut and Dashboard;
In custom report, we cannot save the sorting and segment setting and only can do it in Shortcut or Dashboard;

Building a web based Backend System

 Starting from this week, I have started to make a backend system on web; I am making a java server;
And there are some interesting tools I am hacking on:
  • Bootstrap: A frontend framework help to make beautiful UI;
  • AngularJs: Client side framework to make dynamic content;
  • AJAX: Help to request Server without reloading the page;
  • FreeMarker: A java template engine;
Currently, I mainly use Servlet, FreeMarker and Bootstrap to build the system;
And I will use AJAX and AngularJS later when I learnt much about them;
Here are some references for my web development:

Making Specification

In the last sprint, my development team was working on some specifications which were not completed and detail enough; Therefore, I spent some time to hack the way to improve them because the quality of the specification always affect the quality of the coding and testing;
This is a post wrote me about specification after I reviewed the existing specifications:
And here are some useful resources talking about specification:

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