Hacking Note of 2015 #2

In these few weeks, I were mainly working on the following:

  • A web backend tool
  •  A Shooting game
  •  Capture the 1st frame of a video

Web Backend Tool

For the backend tool, I have picked up the JS, CSS, HTML knowledge again;

Web dev Playgrounds

I have found several Online Code Editor (also called playground) that really help to do the Web development work: Here they are:

With these tools, We could test the HTML/CSS/JS quickly; I can also use it to test the Bootstrap, jQuery and other Web plugin too. I tried these 3 and found that codepen and jsbin are quite good to me;

For more detail about the comparison, could see:


Also have a better understand about bootstrap framework after using it for a few weeks;
It helps to make a decent layout which not provided by the original HTML suite; For example, i can make a closable alert easily;

Besides, I took some look about the front-end framework like Bootstrap but I haven’t tried those deeply yet.

Here is an article talking about these:

Shooting Game

I am working on a simple shooting game using cocos2d-x. It is quite a lot of fun to make such a game;
I will publish the work on Github and this blog soon.

Extract a frame from a video

During the work of making the backend tool, I encountered a problem, which is extract a frame of image from a MP4 video using java; There are two ways to solve this:

But both solutions got wrong in the image orientation, still working on that now;

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