Hacking Note of 2015 #3

Duration: 20 Apr ~ 8 May

During the above work cycle, I have worked for following things:

Company Projects:

  • A Rating System of user posts:
    This is a system similar to reddit.com, which is help to bring better content to a higher position;
  • Setup the hostname of our company website:
    I tried to route the hostname (abc.company.com) to our server and amazon cloudfront;
  • Setup Amazon S3 and cloudfront for our app download
  • Refactor the notification system so that can show the unread count
    It seem easy, but there are many details need to be considered especially our system combine several event together like twitter;
  • Study how to get the district name from a given latitude and longitude
    Still looking for a best answer, not an easy task
  • Writing Specification for the new features

Personal Projects:

  • Made a simple platform game
    I will save the project in Github and write an article about it soon;
  • Study how to convert PPT to JPG, for a script for my church

Useful links found:

Rating System:


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