Hacking Note 2015 #4

During 11 May ~ 31 May, I have worked for a simple responsive web, refactoring the backend and the android structure;

APP: Post Detail Page for Web

I made a web version for the post so that users can use a link to share in their social network;
I used Bootstrap library to make the page responsive to mobile device; Also used FreeMaker template engine to generate the page;
To make a web page from scratch, it is important to know some basic about the CSS, HTML, Javascript and JQuery syntax;
These are sites which help me when working on this task;

APP: Post Counts

This is task is refactoring the count mechanism of my system; The count are post count, vote count and comment count collected by an user; Previously, I get those count using SQL; However this approach is not good enough because those counts are required to calculate frequently;
The new approach is using an Stat object cache in the memory and change it when users create or delete post or their posts being voted;

Android: Stop using static Activity that causing crash

This task is to refactor my android not using a static reference variable pointing the MainActivity;  It is proven by me that the reference will become null when the device doesn’t have much memory;  Thus, NullPointerException raised;
To solve this, I removed the use of the MainActivity reference that I used it to get the application resource;I change them to use the running Activity reference of the reference MainApplication Context;  After the refactoring, crashes are gone;

Project: Release Note

Starting from the last few releases, I have written release notes for other to know more about what have been done and changed. This is good for the QA and also help them know how to test the changes; If the test is better, the quality will become better too;

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