AppDev: 6 things we SHOULD DO when making an APP

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This articles about my sharing about the things we should do during an application development;

#1 Define core objectives of your APP

When starting a new APP project or the business based on it, It is very important to define the core objectives; The points that you will drive people using or keeping your app;

Once the objectives are defined, everything we do are based on them and wanna to achieve them;

Besides, we can sit back and check whether the APP is worth doing based on those objectives;

Also, once the objectives are confirmed, try not to change them unless you really think the idea is not working;

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#2 Discuss about the mechanics of your APP

Every APPs must perform some certain tasks that will help your users;

Therefore Your apps will contains several mechanics to make that happened;  Mechanics here imply several things like Algorithm, workflow, logic, etc;

Once the mechanics are defined, we can know whether the APP is possible to work it out and how much cost need to spend; In many cases, mechanics play very important roles, it helps differentiate your products with other;

The most famous IT example is that Google has beaten the search engine giant “Yahoo” and “Alta vista” because their response time are faster and the result more relevant;

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#3 Effective Communication

Unless you are on your own, it is inevitable that there are lots of communication happened during the app development;

Therefore, it is important to take effort make the communication effective, which is eliminate the mis-understandings between two parties;  I experienced many times that there were lots of misunderstandings with my teammates when we just use oral communication;

We need to different kinds of stuff to help everyone in the team understand what other parties want to express; Drawings, Paper, Written Document, Use cases are the stuff that help people understand with each others;

One typical example about communication is The designers will pass a concept to programmers, however, Concepts are something vague, both parties need to communicate to work out a specification that able set things clear;

#4 Make a Prototype

Once the objectives, mechanics, team are ready and you are confident with your design; You can start realising the app concept; In this state, you need to make an APP that can show the concept; This is because you can verify the idea is working or not by using this “prototype” app ;

In many cases,  you will think your ideas are great but it won’t be so good when the real product come out;

The prototype is a key that help you collect feedbacks and find the ways to tune your product including concept, design, UX, etc;

#5 Find users to try

The best way to test your product is to ask someone to try it; Once the prototype is ready; You can ask someone to test; Before the product is polished, you can ask your family or close friends to test and collect the friendly feedbacks and encouragement from them;

Once you think you has polished the app, ask more people to try or post them on public forums;

After people tried it, you need to collect and make change based on the feedbacks;

People like the app or service that respect their feedbacks;

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#6 Launch your product

The last but not least thing is to release your product;

Yes, release the product; The final goal of making apps is to release the APP to the market so that everyone can enjoy your result;

It is not easy to release, we need to take care about the operation, marketing, store publishing, analytics, … .

But no matter how hard it is, we should not give up and should the “release” well.

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