Hacking note 2015 #5

Duration: 1st Jun ~ 31 Jul

Recently I has done and been working on the following stuff:

  • Revamping Triend’s UI (note: Triend is the app I am developing)
  • Implement a “Group” Feature
  • Trying the mobile “Geocoder”

Revamping Triend’s UI

Revamping the UI is a difficult but time consuming task; To make the task more productive, I did the followings:
  • List all the involved UI and mark the time/people/cost for each UIs
  • Ask the designer for the UI Mockup, Resource and Theme Color Palette;
  • Make Notes about the Classes or related files of those involved UIs
  • Make notes about UI containing layout and resource information
Note: Triend is the app I am developing;

Implement a “Group” Feature

This is a feature similar to Facebook Group or Whatsapp Group; To make this, there are several sub-task to do:
  • Create Group
  • Edit Group
  • Load my Group List
  • Group Suggestion
  • Group member list
  • State of group to me (State are Not-Joined, Joined, Requesting)
  • Group Inivitation

Mobile Geocoder

In my app, it has a requirement that lookup the location name by the location coordinate; To do so, I am using the Google Map Geocoder; However, the reverse-geocoding API limited to 2500 requests per 24 hour period.
The limit is too few to me, therefore, I tried the reverse-geocoding client side API instead, which is suggested by Google;
The mobile API of Geocoder are:

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