Notes about const in C++

This article contains some note about using const in c++;

Objective of using const

The main objective of using const is to:

Prevent changes to the data or Make it Read only

More Detail:

  • Prevent the caller change the values of a string in my class;
  • Prevent the caller change a constant value such as Pi, MaxOfPlayer, …
  • Better ownership of a piece of data, it is good to controlled the data by one source;

Use Cases and Sytnax

Make a value readonly


const int value; 
int const value; 
const char *message = "Hello Cpp";


It usually used to define constant such as Pi,  maximum value of somethings, .. ;

Make the content pointed by a pointer readonly


const Point *getCurrentPosition(); // a method of an object;
const Point *point = anObject.getCurrentPosition();

Prevent caller change any value of the object pointer;

Make the pointer address readonly


Point *const originalPosition;

Prevent the change of a pointer address so that the value is the same anywhere after first assignment;



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