8 major tasks in UI/UX development

This article discusses about the different tasks will be done by the front-end or called UI/UX developers based on my experience these few years; You will be interested if you are a front-end developer or want to develop a better user interface for your App;

front-end designer

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How to make REST APIs for your app

In my project, besides the project manger role, I am also the one responsible for the backend implementation; In the project, the client and server are talking using the REST API; This is a simple note  about how to build the APIs for the client side;
Steps to make REST APIs
Steps to make REST APIs

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Fix Note: OutOfMemory of Android Crop Library

Error Log screenshot

Open source Library: https://github.com/jdamcd/android-crop
Platform: Android

Today I finally fixed the OutOfMemory problem of the image crop library that I used to crop the profile picture given from the user;

The problem happened when a high-resolution image is being inputted, e.g over 1M to crop; Android hits an OutOfMemory problem when decoding the image;

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