A “Coding note” for your program

During the days of my development work, a question is usually asked by my colleagues and myself, the question is “What are we going to do?”; As a programmer, we should know clear what should do now and next, but the reality is that we usually get lost while we are coding;

To solve the problem of that, I decide to write a “Coding Note” for my program, which guide me and my team what to do when we are developing the program; The following content will describe how to write a coding note;

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Mobile App: Dealing with High Data Usage


If you are developing an app similar to Instagram, Twitter, … , user will received lots of media content like Photo and video;

One photo’s size is usually 500K; If an user receives 100 photo, it will consume 50M, that will make your users feel uncomfortable to your app because the cost of mobile data still is high in some operators;

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